Brand Building
With over a decade of experience in design, art direction and brand building, I've had the privilege of working with leading brands and agencies to craft compelling visual narratives that resonate globally. Each project is a unique journey, blending a creative approach with strategy to build and strengthen brands to connect with their audience.
As lead designer for the Link21 program over two transformative years, I spearheaded a comprehensive brand refresh initiative and developed a wide range of collateral to support this major transportation effort across Northern California. Link21 is a visionary project aimed at enhancing connectivity and mobility within the Northern California Megaregion, focusing on improving rail services and infrastructure to better serve diverse communities. My work included designing posters, social media content, and brochures, all aimed at elevating the program's visibility and boosting public engagement. Through strategic design and creative execution, I helped Link21 effectively communicate its mission and impact.
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Robert Half
In the ambitious rebranding of Robert Half, we embarked on a journey to unify its various sub-brands under a cohesive master brand strategy. Through meticulous research and collaborative efforts, we identified the essence of each brand and strategically aligned them to resonate with our target audience. By leveraging consumer insights and market trends, we crafted a master brand strategy that seamlessly integrated all brands under the Robert Half umbrella, ensuring consistency in messaging and visual identity while allowing each sub-brand to maintain its unique identity. This holistic approach not only strengthened the overall brand presence but also provided a clear and unified experience for our audience, fostering trust and recognition across all touchpoints.
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My creative input into the Clear Wireless brand played a pivotal role in launching the era of mobile wireless high-speed internet, revolutionizing connectivity. I developed POP and advertising graphics that contributed to the visual identity and strategic messaging that highlighted the transformative potential of mobile internet, making it accessible and exciting for a broad audience. By integrating innovative design elements and a forward-thinking narrative, I helped Clear Wireless stand out in a competitive market. This brand introduction not only captured the imagination of consumers but also set new standards for how mobile wireless technology could enhance everyday life.
Ruder Finn
Developing the Ruder Finn brand identity and logo alongside the co-founder CEO and Creative Director was a collaborative journey. Beginning with brainstorming sessions and initial post-it note sketches, we refined concepts through iterative feedback to align with the brand strategy. The process culminated in comprehensive brand guidelines ensuring consistency across all touchpoints and a tailored global rollout supported by marketing, public relations, and internal training. This close partnership provided insight into Ruder Finn's legacy and vision, ensuring the new logo honored its history while positioning it for future growth.
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