Transforming the Robert Half Brand.
During my tenure as Art Director (Global Brand) at Robert Half over eight years, I led teams of talented designers in creating impactful marketing pieces, digital ads, websites, and videos. Our collaborative efforts focused on modernizing the brand and distilling its story, staying true to our core values.
Robert Half Technology Brand Story: Innovation starts with people
We began with the Robert Half Technology Brand Story, broadening our focus beyond help desk services to include attracting developers and innovation-minded professionals. This strategic expansion aimed to position Robert Half as a comprehensive leader in tech talent, capable of providing greater value and a wider range of expertise to its customer base.
To introduce our emerging brand story, we published our comprehensive Salary Guide for technology professionals, which showcased the true value of innovation in the rapidly evolving tech industry. The guide took readers on a journey that began with the birth of an idea, dreamed up by a small team of creatives working in a garage. We highlighted their journey to build a business that met the challenges of a changing world, fueled by the power of innovation
Throughout the guide, we featured inspiring stories of companies that started small but grew to become leaders in their respective fields. These stories illustrated the power of ingenuity and the value of taking risks, emphasizing how innovation was key to success in the tech industry.
Robert Half Technology embraces its tagline 'Technology doesn't change the world, people do' by prioritizing the human factor in technological progress. Through expert staffing solutions, Robert Half Technology connects individuals with the right jobs, emphasizing the power of matching talent to opportunities.
By emphasizing cutting-edge technology, collaboration, and forward-thinking solutions, we successfully redefined the brand's image. This transformation not only broadened our appeal but also strengthened Robert Half's market presence and customer relationships.
This approach not only drives innovation but also fosters environments where people thrive, making meaningful impacts in the tech industry and beyond
Brand Refreshes, anticipating the workplace of the future and evolution
What followed was the ambitious rebranding of Robert Half in which we embarked on a journey to unify its various sub-brands under a cohesive master brand strategy. Through meticulous research and collaborative efforts, we identified the essence of each brand and strategically aligned them to resonate with our target audience. By leveraging consumer insights and market trends, we crafted a master brand strategy that seamlessly integrated all brands under the Robert Half umbrella, ensuring consistency in messaging and visual identity while allowing each sub-brand to maintain its unique identity. This holistic approach not only strengthened the overall brand presence but also provided a clear and unified experience for our audience, fostering trust and recognition across all touchpoints.
Workplace 2025
Robert Half Technology’s ‘Workplace 2025’ report analyzes the impact of evolving technology on the workplace of the future for tech professionals. It forecasts how emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and automation, will transform job roles and work processes. The report explores the potential benefits and challenges of these technologies and provides insights into the skills and competencies that will be in demand in the future. The findings of the report provide valuable insights for tech professionals and organizations seeking to prepare for the future of work.
The Creative Group
The Creative Group was Robert Half's specialized brand for Marketing and Creative staffing. This Creative Group brochure emphasized their expertise in recruiting the best creative talent, showcasing a proven track record of connecting clients with top-tier professionals. The content highlighted TCG's commitment to understanding client needs and delivering exceptional talent that drives innovation and success.
Jobs and AI Anxiety
Robert Half's 'Jobs and AI Anxiety' report delves into the growing concerns surrounding artificial intelligence and its impact on employment. It examines how the rise of AI and automation is reshaping job markets, potentially displacing certain roles while creating new opportunities. The report offers a balanced perspective on the challenges and benefits of AI integration, highlighting the need for reskilling and adaptability among the workforce. By providing actionable insights, the report aims to help professionals and organizations navigate the uncertainties of an AI-driven future.
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Creative Collaboration
Working closely with my team, we developed a cohesive design system and materials that resonated with our audience. Whether crafting a sleek website, producing engaging videos, or designing dynamic digital ad campaigns, our goal was to embody the brand’s vision and values.
Impact and Legacy
Our creative achievements at Robert Half left a lasting impact on the brand and its stakeholders. Each project contributed to a stronger brand identity, fostering deeper connections with clients and employees. I’m proud of our legacy of innovation and excellence.
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