As the lead designer for the Link21 program, I played a crucial role in a comprehensive brand refresh and the development of diverse collateral to support this ambitious transportation initiative. Link21 aims to revolutionize connectivity and mobility within the Northern California Megaregion by enhancing rail services and infrastructure. My work included creating visually compelling posters, engaging social media content, and informative brochures, all designed to elevate the program's visibility and foster community engagement. By strategically highlighting the project's benefits and human impact, I helped to create a relatable and inspiring brand narrative. This effort not only increased public awareness but also strengthened the sense of shared purpose and connection among the region's communities.
A significant component of this effort was the creation of the Phase 0 report. This report summarized the early planning and concepting phase of the Link21 program, providing the public with a comprehensive overview of the project's foundational steps. The report was designed to be clear and accessible, ensuring that community members were well-informed about the project's development and future directions.
I designed this series of icons to represent the key components of the Link21 program.
This map displays one of many proposed rail line concepts for Link21. Designed to enhance connectivity and equity across Northern California, these Concepts aim to solicit public input to refine and advance the program's goals. Public feedback is crucial in shaping a more inclusive and accessible transportation future.
Another key project during my tenure was the development and design of the Summer Public Workshop events. These online workshops were designed to inform and generate support from the public, featuring key program officials who explained each step of the project. My role involved creating engaging and informative visuals that made complex information accessible and engaging for the audience.
Throughout my time with Link21, I strived to create a cohesive and compelling visual narrative that not only represented the project's core values but also resonated with the community. The success of the brand refresh and public engagement initiatives highlights the effectiveness of collaborative decision-making and strategic, thoughtful design.
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