With over a decade of experience in digital display advertising, I've had the privilege of collaborating with top brands and agencies to create eye-catching and effective ad campaigns that captivate audiences worldwide. Each campaign is a unique endeavor, combining creativity with data-driven insights to deliver advertisements that not only stand out but also drive engagement and results.
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Syfy Series Caprica Ad Campaign
I developed an innovative banner ad campaign to launch the Syfy series Caprica. The banner leveraged streamed tweets to foster dynamic dialogue between the show's creatives and the broader arts and culture community. This interactive approach engaged audiences by highlighting real-time conversations and insights from the minds behind the series, successfully bridging the gap between the show's narrative and its cultural impact.
Pillsbury Banner Animation
Pillsbury: Never fear. The Doughboy is here!
Animated Pillsbury Doughboy character flies through the headline of a banner ad and shows families a tasty way they can stretch a dollar.
Stills from Heineken Premium Light animated banner campaign
In this animated banner ad for Heineken, I brought the brand's allure to life through a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of bottles. Each frame crafted hypnotic patterns, reinforcing the campaign's message: "Tempting From Every Angle." This visually captivating execution was a key component of the Irresistible campaign, engaging viewers and showcasing Heineken's iconic appeal.
The Delta Airlines 'Change Is' animated banner campaign elegantly captured the spirit of embracing change, redefining travel through dynamic visuals and a celebration of transformation. It invited travelers to embrace a new era of exploration with Delta.
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